About Che Zahara

Che Zahara | The Silent Heroine of Singapore

Che Zahara is Rita's late grandmother who has dedicated most of her lifetime taking care of the welfare of the needy, orphans and women.

Che Zahara, who is known as Che Zahara Kaum Ibu (Che Zahara who protected women and children), founded the Malay Women's Welfare Association (MWWA) in 1947 which provided shelter, food, money, jobs, training, religious education and moral support to hundreds of children and women. She would selflessly cook and distribute food for free for the public every Friday and also voiced out for women and children to have access to education. For Rita and her family, food has always been essential in preserving the Malay culture and traditions, creating ties and serving others.

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Hajjah Zabidah | Sharing the Love of Food

Rita's late mother has always been the one who loves to share her stories, philosophies, knowledge, recipes and food to others. She also took an active role in large-scale community events with her husband and used to donate food to charitable and fund-raising events.

Over 30,000 people have tasted Hajjah Zabidah's food experience as she cooked for Malay weddings, events, parties and other private gatherings. Food means more than just eating; it was a magnet that bonds the family as they gather to share a meal and stories.

Food is an expression of her love for her family, as she would cook special meals when any of the sisters did well in school. "Chase those rainbows" was her encouraging words which spurred the sisters on to excel and reach for the skies. The dishes she cooked was not just food, it was food filled with honesty, sincerity and love from her heart.

Rita Zahara | Living the Legacy

Rita Zahara is a bilingual television news presenter, anchor and producer with vast news reporting experience. Besides this, having lived with great chefs all her life, Rita has developed a great passion for Asian cuisine and has carved her own career and personality in cooking and baking.

As young as 14 years old, Rita was able to prepare a decent meal or dessert with her mother's guidance. She enjoys cooking and baking, and sees it as a way to de-stress and live her passion and the legacy left behind by her late grandmother and mother. She is always eager to share her recipes and tips on cooking with others through her books and masterclasses.

Rita has been a guest judge in several food festivals in Singapore and Malaysia and overseas. She is also heavily involved in humanitarian efforts for Muslim communities in Asia, empowering women and children to have access to education. With her vast experience, contributions and works, she is an inspiring figure to many adults, youth and children.

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