Hail The Pioneer Malay Woman


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This evening, my friends, we pay tribute to that enterprising and humanitarian organisation, the Malay Women's Welfare Asso­ciation. Its aims are: to succour Malay women who, by forces of circumstance, have been rendered helpless in the flow of social order. The· lives of many unfortunate Malay women have been freighted with insurmountable difficulties and in this respect the Association has proved itself to be a Big Sister.

As a charitable institution for the poor and helpless Malay women of our community it has served with commendable zeal and a strong measure of rehabilitation. To its doors have come thou­sands of frightened women. many of these mothers. Their needs have been manifold and to each appeal the Association has opened its heart-with money, with shelter, with job offerings and, in many cases, with much-needed moral support.

The role of the Malay woman has, by tradition, been largely domestic. She has, also by tradition, been unequipped to tackle problems when faced with solemn adversities through desertion, illiteracy and destitution. She has been ill-equipped for indepen­dence. Times are changing to be sure through education and train­jng. And, until the time comes when she can stand on her own two feet and face the world with self-sufficiency, the Malay Woman's Welfare- Association has been her beacon and hope.

Given the advantages of modern society, the Malay wife and mother is proving herself an asset to our land, now undergoing the throes of independence. Let us all give her every encouragement - ­with cheers for her past courage as she approaches her emergence to feminine freedom.

My deepest gratitude goes to the Merrymakers who have organised this benefit dance-and also to the supporting public which has seen fit to offer its generosity in so many ways. May God bless you all!


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