• The Many Flavours of Malay Cooking
    The Many Flavours of Malay Cooking
    Malay Heritage Cooking
    Malay Heritage Cooking


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    Almond Chocolate Chip
    Almond Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Almond Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Co...
    Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Macadamia Chocolate Chip Cookies (Biskut Coklat Chip Macadamia)
    Macadamia Chocolate Chip Cookies (B...

Message from

Rita Zahara

Hello everyone,

Please let me warmly welcome everyone to Che Zahara’s humble website. This is a special tribute to my dear grandmother, the late Che Zahara Noor Mohamed; my beloved late mother, Hajjah Zabidah; and my supportive father, Haji Mohamed Nazeer Alal Mohamed Rasull, about whom I am blessed and thankful that he may witness this milestone in my life.

This website will make the dreams of my late grandma and my late mother come true, as their recipes can now be shared with everyone. As such, it is also lovingly dedicated to my family, my sisters and all my loyal customers and supporters.

Through this site, you will find stories of Che Zahara, Hajjah Zabidah and myself, and of course about my cookies, food and latest cookbooks. You will get breaking news on special deals for my cookies and about when are my masterclasses with invited celebrity chefs will take place.

To my grandmother, thank you for leaving behind your legacy. To my mother, thank you for your love, compassion and guidance. To my dad, thank you for always inspiring me to do my best. To my loyal customers, thank you for your endless support. I hope you will continue to support Che Zahara and me in continuing to savour the taste of these cookies made with much love and joy.

Happy shopping and eating,

Rita Zahara Mohamed Nazeer

The Many Flavours of Malay Cooking

Heritage Cooking


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21 May 2018 Hari Raya 2018 ANNOUNCEMENT!

WARNING! Please order early to avoid disappointment. Last year we sold our everything 2 weeks before Raya. First come first served. Unfortunately, there won't be a waiting list this year!

27 May 2017 Che Zahara 2017 order!

Che Zahara 2017 Hari Raya orders for 1st and 2nd Day have been fulfilled! Yayyy... We are now open back for business for our ALL-YEAR RANGE! Click here to view our latest cookies and cake...


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Tastes are like smells, they invoke memories. Rita's cookies are more than just a pleasure for t...

Steve Dawson, Presenter, Fox Sports

Rita's cookies are simply delicious and a perfect munch! They taste just like your home-baked co...

Heng Ai Ling, entrepreneur