(SELLING FAST) Skinny Macadamia Chocolate Chips iLite by Rita Zahara

(SELLING FAST) Skinny Macadamia Chocolate Chips iLite by Rita Zahara

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This Macadamia Chocolate chip is such a best seller that most of our customers will buy not just to stock up for Eid. It is an all-time, all-year favourite. You have not tasted Macadamia Chocolate Chip cookies if you have not tried Ms Rita’s specially “home-made” version.

This heavenly cookie will bring your taste buds on a journey to chocolate wonderland on the Macadamia express. Satisfy your nutty and chocolaty cravings with this cookie.
Each tub contains 40-60 pcs.

All orders must be made 3 days in advance.

Main Ingredients: Flour, Macadamia Nuts, Oats and Chocolate Chips.

iLiteTM is a perfect one to one replacement blend made from sugar alcohols that is naturally found in fibres of various fruits and vegetables. With iLiteTM, we are able to replace sugar without changing the look and taste of our bakes.


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