(SELLING FAST) Sunny Breeze

(SELLING FAST) Sunny Breeze



$22 only (U.P $29)

CZ BOX OF HAPPINESS FOR ANY OCCASION! Send some cheer to your friends and family with a personalised message from you! Sunny Breeze box comes with CZ BIG cookies and CZ energy peanut-butter balls. You’ll find favourite classic flavours like chocolate, macadamia, cornflakes and peanut butter. 

Cookie Flavours in this box: 

4 x Bittersweet Dream (Dark Chocolate)
4 x Beautiful Blond (Macadamia Chocolate Chip)

An assortment of 8 energy balls coated with peanut-butter

-Almond Flakes peanut butter balls

-Mixed Fruits Flakes peanut butter balls

-Cranberries Flakes peanut butter balls

-Walnut Flakes peanut butter balls

-Cashew nut krispies chocolate peanut butter balls

-Mixed Fruits krispies chocolate peanut butter balls

-Cranberries krispies chocolate peanut butter balls

-Sesame seed and almond krispies with chocolate peanut butter balls

No of cookies + energy balls: 16/box
Price: $29/box

Box size:18x18x10cm

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