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Syed Ibrahim BHM, One HeartBeat

Food and cookies – Honest to goodness with passion

Heng Ai Ling, entrepreneur

Rita's cookies are simply delicious and a perfect munch! They taste just like your home-baked cookies infused with lots of fresh good tasting ingredients, topped with Rita's unique creations! We, especially, my children are a big fan of her cookies

Steve Dawson, Presenter, Fox Sports

Tastes are like smells, they invoke memories. Rita's cookies are more than just a pleasure for the tastebuds; they bring me to her culture, her loving family and her faithful friendship. Knowing the rich history of their development over the years, they implore you to savour, slowly. Believe me, I do just that.


This is the first time I tried the cookies from Che Zahara was the Red Velvet Cookies, and it's really nice! The texture is very crunchy and it's addictive too! The cakes from Che Zahara is really tasty and unique. I can't stop eating one after another. Delicious bakes!

Khairul Basysyar

Had the opportunity to try some of the cookies and cakes, and i love it! The Kit Kat X Nutella Crunch cake is amazing, you've got to try it yourself! Sucha creative, unique and delicious cakes!

Ida Neti

My FB newsfeed is flooded with promotions of sweet bakes and oily food so this is a refreshing change. In fact, I have been posting about the importance of healthy eating this Ramadan to purify mind, body and soul. Although I also enjoy 'sinful' food from time to time, I also feel that it is our social responsibility to educate our community about healthy eating. slightsmile emoticonWe can only do our best. By the way, I have just placed my orders online. Looking forward to receive them!

Mohd Helmi

Hi, just hoping… Just to check.. Anymore red velvet and salted caramel cookies? It’s simply out of this world!! My daughters and the wifey love it.. My Wife said next year ; she’s not baking anymore coz we will order everything from you!! 

Wang Feng Ling

i will try the Nutella Horseshoe at home, but we shared the Cornflake cookies and now my colleague keeps stealing them out of the jar - the addiction is real. The Nutella Horseshoe is amazing. I love how it’s not death by sugar and is soft and fluffy. I foresee myself ordering sometime again in the near future.

Siti Hawa

Your bangkit power lah.. my hubby said that it’s the people at home that’ll finish everything instead of the guests!

Julie Armani

Rita Zahara's cookies are simply delicious - it's very tempting to the eye once the packaging’s been opened. Nothing can beat her simplicity and originality with her long list of delicious cookies, ranging from her awesome red velvet cookies to her traditional bangkits. Besides the texture and the look of the delicacies, the taste too plays a major role, with nothing too sweet or bland. Rita Zahara's cookies are great for all ages. Kudos to Rita Zahara and her baking line!
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(LAST 3!) S'mores Bars Kids' Favourite!
Pineapple Ball Tarts
Pineapple Ball Tarts
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BONUS CAKE! Brownies PeanutShew